A new design for our IAQ sensors

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Smart sensors with elegant and trendy design.


At Aereco, we have developed a new finest design for our range of indoor air quality sensors (IAQ).

The ingenious concept of this new design allows the sensors to maintain their level of efficiency, while being more discreet.

Our range of sensors has different models for each IAQ parameters such as CO2, VOC, and Temperature/humidity to control numerous buildings HVAC systems (such as schools, offices, housing, hospitals). Fully calibrated, our sensors can be easily integrated to your HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) to guarantee a smart and efficient building management.

Compact, easy installation, ready to use and maintenance free.

For more details on our different sensors, discover (or re-discover) our complete range of sensors:

S-RH/T: Relative humidity and temperature sensor with analog outputs
S-CO2: CO2 sensor with analog outputs
S-VOC: VOC sensor with analog outputs
S-CO2/T: CO2 and temperature sensor for Modbus communication