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2 in 1 measuring device (C02/T)

Dual-wavelength measurement

Modbus communication

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Networkability up to 15 sensors


Accurate device to measure C02 concentration reliably

Energy saving

Compact design, simple to install, ready to use

Outstanding long-term stability and dependability


Easy connectivity and data transfer

The S-C02/T sensor is equipped with a Modbus interface, which provides easy setup and integration into large process control and automation systems. Indeed, the sensors measurements can be read in real-time over RS485 local network via the Modbus RTU protocol with Master-slave approach. The S-C02/T acts as a slave, and it allows for building network of up to 15 slaves. Moreover, the data of S-C02/T is accessible via the Modbus register table (for more information please refer to the installation manual guide).

A smart, versatile device that ensures an accurate monitoring of indoor air quality

Its technologies ensure long-term stability and performance: The S-CO2/T Modbus is pre-calibrated to measure, in real time, indoor CO2 concentrations from 0 to 2 000 ppm. Thanks to its dual wavelength measurement technology, the S-CO2/T Modbus is an intelligent device which ensures optimum performance and reliability. It can be placed anywhere where there is occupancy. Moreover, its compact design allows easy installation.

The S-C02/T Modbus device, is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, which can provide an additional information on indoor air temperature to control any systems like air conditioning etc…

The S-CO2/T Modbus is tested, validated, and documented. It is compatible with all types of installation and will last as long as the installation. The Aereco CO2 sensor uses the NDIR technology, a selective CO2 technology that ensures good indoor air quality assessment with auto-calibration.

C02 and temperature sensor for Modbus communication S-CO2/T
Standard code CAP1950
Data points Carbon dioxide, Temperature
C02 sensor specifications  
Measurement principle NDIR (non-dispersive infrared technology)
with automatic and manual calibration
Sensor Type Dual wavelength
Working range 0… 2 000 ppm CO2
Accuracy at 25°C and 1 013 mbar < ± (50 ppm +2 % of measuring value)
Response time 105 s with measured data averaging
60 s without measured data averagingtyp. 2ppm CO2/°C (0…50°C / 32…122°F)
Temperature dependence typ. 2ppm CO2/°C (0…50°C / 32…122°F)
Measurement time interval 1h (default), use Synch operation (Modbus register table) for immediate measurement
Calibration interval >5 years
Built-in temperature sensor  
Temperature working range 2°C to 50°C
Accuracy typically, 0.5°C ensured at 25°C
Conversion Gain 10mV/°C
Electrical specifications  
Power supply 12 VDC
Power consumption (standby mode) 10mA
Power consumption (measuring mode) 135mA Max
Connection type 2xRJ45 shielded
Operating and storage temperature -40…60°C 5…95 % RH (without condensating) 85…110 kPa
Protocol type Modbus RTU, RS485 physical layer
Baud rate 9600bps
Data length 16bits
Material ABS
Color white
Protection IP 20
Weight 80.5 g
Installation type Wall and ceiling, indoor



Installation and maintenance instructions - TF6581_C


Modbus register table - FLY703_V1


Product booklet - C02 and temperature sensor for modbus communication - FLY693

Compatible ventilation systems: