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Management of indoor air quality at every moment


As the dwelling must be a place of peace and rest for the human, the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) has for key-mission to provide to the occupant a fresh air at every moment especially by using a room-by-room modulation based on the occupant needs. In addition, the supplied air is healthy and with good quality thanks to the filtration of fine particles, bacteria, pollen, spores and molds. Thanks to the MVHR, the occupant benefits from a maximum of comfort due to the reduction of the allergenic risks, in every season of the year!

Heat recovery ventilation (MVHR), individual treatment for houses and apartments

At every moment, Aereco’s MVHR technology optimizes energy consumption and indoor air quality in a fully automatic way. Discover all the details and benefits of this technology in this 3D animation.


After a presentation of the DX system operation, this video introduces demand-controlled ventilation coupled with conventional heat recovery that provides the occupants of dwellings and other buildings with the right amount of fresh, pollen and dust free air exactly when it is needed and where it is required. This modulation offers optimal comfort to the inhabitants and reduces the energy consumption, therefore decreases the human ecological footprint on the environment.

Heat recovery ventilation, how does it work?

Thanks to a wide range of sensors (humidity, presence, CO2, VOC), the DX system technology evaluates the air flow to extract from wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom and WC). Once this stale air is extracted, the heat is recovered thanks to a heat exchanger with very high efficiency to optimize the energy losses of the dwelling. On the other side, the outdoor air is filtered and heated using the energy previously recovered and then routed through a HUB, a platform that distributes fresh air directly into the room where it is needed and with the flow insufflation precisely required.

Heat recovery ventilation, a smart and interactive solution

Aereco’s DX system is a dual-flow mechanical ventilation system with a room by room airflow modulation, based on specific needs. It is mainly used in residential buildings, but it can also be installed in offices or schools. This system combines energy performance and indoor air quality thanks to an economical solution, easy to implement in new construction and renovation. Thanks to its advanced connectivity, the resident can interact with the DX system in real time and view the system parameters and configure them. The DX system also offers a notification system to track the status of filters at every moment. Whether for multi-family homes or individual houses, the Heat Recovery technology comes in versions specially designed to ease its integration: ceiling space, cupboard, wall-mounting.

Its objective is clear and displayed: to ensure the comfort of the inhabitant by providing a fresh air, healthy, at the right temperature, in the right place, at the right time and all this in silence.

MVHR: indoor air at the perfect temperature

The thermal comfort of the occupant is also at the center of the heat recovery ventilation system’s concerns. Indeed, thanks to its very high efficiency heat exchanger, the temperature difference between the stale air (hot) and the fresh air supplied -that sometimes comes from a very cold outdoor environment – is hardly noticeable. The occupant is thus protected from cold air currents, and his comfort is increased.

A quiet breeze of wellness

The acoustic comfort of the resident is also guaranteed: the heat recovery ventilation system is designed with materials that reduce noise to its minimum. In addition, the airflows are done through ducts and no longer by means of air inlets above windows: with MVHR, the noise from outdoor is therefore considerably reduced.

Energy savings on heat losses

Because it is important for resident to save energy and reduce its environmental impact on the environment, the MVHR is completely in the era of time: by recovering calories from the stale air and reintroducing them into the fresh and healthy air, the need for heating decreases considerably.

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