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2 outputs for easy connection: analog (0-10V) and digital (PWM).

Long-term stability and dependability.

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR).

Compact design, simple to install, ready to use.

Accurate device to measure CO2 concentration reliably.

Dual detection measurement.

Can be adapted to different markets and applications.


A smart, versatile device that ensures a accurate monitoring of indoor air quality

Its technologies ensure long-term stability and performance: the S-CO2 is pre-calibrated to measure, in real time, indoor CO2 concentrations from 0 to 2 000 ppm, and it delivers both analog (0-10 V) and digital (PWM) output signals. Thanks to its dual-beam measurement technology, the S-CO2 can be placed in any room, at any time, whatever the installed system. This intelligent accessory ensures unfailing dependability whatever the use of the room. The S-CO2 is tested, validated, and documented. It is compatible with all types of installation, and will last as long as the installation. Moreover, the Aereco CO2 sensor uses the NDIR technology, a selective auto-calibrated technology that ensures good indoor air quality assessment.
*MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology: change of the electrical characteristics of the sensing layer depending on the nature and the concentration of the VOC which are detected.

CO2 sensor with digital and analogic outputs   S-CO2
Standard code   CAP1945
Measurement principle   Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology (NDIR), Dual-Source Infrared System
Working range ppm CO2 0… 2 000
Accuracy at 25°C and 1 013 mbar ppm ± (50 ppm +2 % of measured value)
Response time s < 195
Temperature dependence CO2 / °C typ. 2 ppm CO2 / °C (0…50°C)
Long-term stability ppm / year typ. 20
Measurement reporting interval s 60
Supply voltage VDC 12 VDC +/- 10 %
Average power consumption A 120 mA (reading), 10 mA (base)
Max. peak current A 1 (use for fuse sizing)
Enclosure protection   IP 20
Working and storage conditions   -40…60°C 5…95 % RH (without condensating) 85…110 kPa
PWM digital output    
Output data ppm 0 % = 0 ppm ; 100 % = 2 000 ppm
Voltage VDC 12 VDC +/- 10 %
Frequency KHz 1
0-10 V analog output    
Output data   0 to 10 V. 0 V = 0 ppm ; 10 V = 2 000 ppm
Voltage V 0 to 10
Required impedence Ω >1M
Weight g 80.5
Colour   white
Material   ABS



Installation and maintenance instructions – TF5701B


Product booklet – FLY620_V3

Compatible ventilation systems: