DynamiX® Technology: ensures a silent system and optimal indoor air quality through room-by-room demand control.

Easy installation thanks to multiple positioning.

Nearly zero maintenance.

High-quality: Many parts in metal. Made in France.

DCV compatible: an intelligency included that optimizes the DCV performance.

Very low energy consumption by combining demand control of airflows and heat recovery.


Enjoy a real interactive experience         

The DX Excellence has been completely designed to give the occupant of the accommodation a central position regarding the management of the indoor air quality. The DX Excellence can communicate with the user and transmit to them in real time plenty of information such as the clogging rate for each filter, the indoor air quality and the temperature of each room. Via his smartphone, the occupant can fully configure the DX Excellence to achieve optimal comfort. 

Easy installation         

The DX Excellence is available in ceiling version (DXR). The DX HUB range is available in three versions offering different outlet diameters, a variable number of outlet and acoustic or non-acoustic versions. Consequently, the DX System in its Excellence version adapts to different configurations and to the constraints of each project for optimal and easy installation.

Easy maintenance                 

Once installed, the DX Excellence is immediately functional. The level of maintenance required is very low. Indeed, thanks to the demand-controlled ventilation and a very wide filter surface, the DX Excellence filters’ lifetime is doubled compared to traditional mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Thanks to its notification system and a clogging detection embedded for each filter, enjoy your home peacefully. The DX Excellence will automatically notify you as soon as filters need to be replaced.

High quality manufacture

Because quality is our priority, DX Excellence components are selected for their reputation and reliability. Thus, by combining French manufacture, solid components and demand-controlled ventilation (which reduces stress on the fans), the DX Excellence is guaranteed as a very robust and reliable product throughout its lifetime. 

Heat Recovery Unit   DXR
Standard code   DXR1851 Excellence
Label (EU Ecodesign Directive)   A+
Airflow characteristics    
Max. airflow m3/h 230
Other nominal airflows m3/h 80 / 140 / 200 / 230
Airflow compensation (filter clogging)   automatic
Airflow balance (supply and exhaust)   automatic
Sound power level Lw @ 161 m3/h, 50 Pa dB(A) 40
Certifications   CE, EAC
Power supply   230 VAC, 50 Hz
Motor type   EC (x2)
Power consumption @ 161 m3/h @50 Pa W 34,2
Power consumption @ 230 m3/h @50 Pa W 91,0
Sensors connections   RJ45
Demand control    
DCV compatibility   Integrated
Min – Max Number of sensors for modulation at supply   1 – 5
Min – Max Number of sensors for modulation at exhaust   1 – 5
Sensors type at supply   presence / C02
Exhaust units type   humidity / presence / switch / C02 / VOC
Exchanger   aluminium / counter flow type / 82% efficiency
Filters   on supply air: 1 x F7 / on exhaust air: 1 x G4
Weight kg 46
Colour   white
Material (main)   galvanised steel with phonic and thermal insulation
Dimensions mm with duct connectors: 260 x 650 x 1200 / without duct connectors: 260 x 650 x 1160
Max. number of main rooms   6
Max. number of technical rooms   5
    2 x (2 x ø160 mm)
Installation   horizontal only, to the false ceiling / 4 points of attachment
Other functions (in option)    
Interface   Control module / Wifi
Bypass   controlled by outdoor temperature / also used for
free cooling
Preheating (optional)   with resistance in fresh air ductwork from outside
Condensation management   exhaust through lateral tube / optional condensate pump
Temperature of use    
Installation room   frost free: +5°C < T°< +50°C
Incoming outdoor fresh air or Extract   -5°C < T° < +50°C without preheating / -26°C <
T° < +50°C with preheating


How does room-by-room regulation work ?

Principle of operation

The DX System is comprised of a main unit DXR (ceiling-mounted) connected to exhaust and supply ductworks. The counter-flow heat exchanger, integrated into the main unit, ensures the recovery and transfer of most of the energy from the exhaust air to the supply air, thus limiting the energy required to heat the fresh air.


Excellence version

Airflows are automatically controlled according to the needs of each dwelling’s room. Outdoor filtered air is supplied (3) in the bedrooms and in the living room. Stale air is extracted (6 , 7) from the kitchen, bathroom and WC.

The supply airflows to all main rooms are regulated based on the inputs from one or many CO2 sensors or occupancy sensors (5) . On the exhaust (6) side, the airflow is adjusted, according to parameters read by various sensors (BXC²): humidity in the kitchen and bathroom), and occupancy sensors in WC.

The total supply and exhaust airflows are balanced thanks to an exhaust-controlled compensation valve (8) , installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen (7) . An additional compensation valve, integrated in the DX Hub (2) , adjusts supply compensation airflow, supplying preheated (4) fresh air in the living room, in the kitchen or in a corridor.





Installation and Maintenance Instructions - TF7128_C


ErP Label DXR1851GM - D5830_C


ErP Label DXR1851EX - D5830_C

Compatible ventilation systems: