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3-in-1 device (Occupancy, light and Temperature)

Energy saving

Smart design (extra flat)

Accurate device to detect presence and motion

Day-Night detection

Compact design, simple to install, ready to use

Modbus communication

Networkability up to 15 sensors

No maintenance


Easy connectivity and data transfer

The S-PRE/Day-Night/T sensor is equipped with a Modbus interface, which provides easy setup and integration into large process control and automation systems. Indeed, the sensors measurements can be read in real-time over RS485 local network via the Modbus RTU protocol with Master-slave approach. 

The S-PRE/Day-Night/T acts as a slave, and it allows for building network of up to 15 slaves. Moreover, the data of S-PRE/Day-Night/T is accessible via the Modbus register table.


The pyroelectric detector with a 31 pairs of facets Fresnel lens, concentrates the infrared radiation emitted by human body and divides the detection field into 62 zones. It has a 4 meters of detection distance, 6 meters of diameter of detection on the floor and a 100°angle of detection.


The built-in light sensor detects the level of light intensity in the area, which helps to identify the light and darkness in order to optimise the occupancy sensing.


The built-in temperature sensor can be used for monitoring the temperature level in a zone.

Occupancy sensor with light and temperature sensor for Modbus communication S-PRE/DAY-NIGHT/T
Standard code CAP1669
Data points Presence /motion,Light and temperature (built-in sensors are not fully usable)
Occupancy sensor specifications  
Sensor Type Pyroelectric
Number of facets 31
Detection angle 100 degree
Detection distance 4 meter
Diameter of detection on the floor 6 meter (for 2.7m ceiling height)
Built-in light sensor  
Output Light* and Darkness**
Response time @1fc (ms, typ.) >500 ms
Built-in temperature sensor  
Temperature working range 2°C to 50°C
Accuracy 0.5°C ensured at 25°C
Conversion Gain 10mV/°C
LED indicators Yellow LED for Modbus traffic indicator Red LED for presence indicator
Electrical specifications  
Power supply 12 VDC
Power consumption (standby mode) 2mA Max
Power consumption (detection mode) 3mA Max
Connection type 2xRJ45 shielded
Operating and storage temperature 0°C to 100°C
Protocol type Modbus RTU, RS485 physical layer
Baud rate 9600bps
Data length 16bits
Material ABS
Color white
Protection IP 20
Weight 34 g
Installation type Ceiling, indoor

*« Day »: detection of the presence of light (naturel light or artificial light)
**« Night »: detection of the absence of light (absence of naturel light or artificial light)



Product booklet - Occupancy sensor with light and temperature sensors for Modbus communication - FLY694-v1


Modbus register table - FLY704_V1

Compatible ventilation systems: