Wi-Fi Enabled: Easy access to the data via

LED display: Display the real time value

DC power: DC power supply plug

GSM (option): Easy access to the data via

RS485 Modbus: Easy connexion to BMS system

Switch: On/Off device functions

SD card: Store your data locally

USB power: Type-C USB power socket

Traffic light: Know the IAQ level and act


Easy Configuration via AQI app

AirQ² allows you to setup the features as per your wish.
LED Display
Select the parameters (CO2, VOC, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, T/RH, Pressure) that you want to display on the screen.
Set the timer to alert you when the concentration of the pollutants crosses the critical level.
Traffic light & threshold settings
The threshold may vary one country to another, with AirQ²’s AQI app you can set the threshold value according to your preference

Keep monitoring wherever you are!

AirQ² has a well sophisticated app (AQI) and dashboards which helps you to know and analyse your indoor air quality in real time. The AQI software provides you your indoor and as well as your local outdoor air quality data. Furthermore, it gives you a lot of useful features for day to day life like: IAQ index, Qrcode, comparative tool and lot more… get connected and experience the smartness!

You have also the possibility to store your data locally with SD card and lot more…

Instrument specifications

Power supply Micro USB socket/12 V socket
Connectivity Wi-Fi, GSM (option) and RS485
Storage Micro SD-card/cloud storage
Weight 227g


Sensor specifications


Parameters Sensor type Range Resolution
Temperature Digital Sensor 30 to 60°C 0.1°C
Relative Humidity Digital Sensor 0 to 99% 1%
Pressure Digital Sensor 300 to 1100hPa 0.18Pa
PM10, PM2.5, PM1 Light scattering 1 to 1999µg/m³ 1µg/m³
Carbon Dioxide (CO²) Non-Dispersive Infrared
0 to 5000 ppm 0.01ppm to 1ppm
TVOCs Electrochemical 0.01 to 20ppm 0.01ppm to 1ppm

Dimensions in mm



Product booklet - FLY731GB


Installation and Maintenance Instructions - FLY733GB

Compatible ventilation systems: