Exhaust fans


Hybrid assistance fan

Optimising the natural ventilation performances

Installed at the top of the ventilation ducts, the VBP hybrid fan enables to guarantee satisfactory airflow all year long on a former natural ventilation. By creating a complementary pressure when the additional natural draught is not sufficient as it may sometimes be the case in mid-season and summer, the VBP hybrid fan optimizes the working of natural ventilation, while keeping its dimensions (ventilation exhaust units and air ducts). Its patented principle is specially designed to allow both mechanical exhaust and natural modes: the exhaust fan can stop (or work at very low speed) when the stack effect is sufficient, without creating any pressure loss. Its motor starts when the temperature increases, to compensate a potential lack of stack effect.

With a consumption of a few watts per dwelling, the VBP hybrid fan offers a particularly relevant alternative to mechanical exhaust ventilation and natural ventilation. Its sizing makes it adapted to collective buildings up to 7 levels.