DCV compatible: integrated automatic pressure control device, optimizing the DCV performance.

Easy installation thanks to a smart design

Low energy consumption: Electronic Commutation motor associated with an automatic pressure control device

Easy to maintain: the fan has easy-to-open cover

Motor placed on vibration isolators to increase acoustic performances

Made in Europe


HD regulation – Pressure control device


Integrated into the HAT fan, the HIGROdynamic automated system adapts the fan speed to the opening degree of the HIGRO® AERECO diffusers and grilles. This means that the electronic system lowers the fan speed at low flow volumes, adapting to the lower airflow resistance in the ducts, and increases the fan speed at higher airflow volumes caused by the open dampers of the hygroregulated grilles. The HIGROdynamic automated system prevents improper operation of the ventilation system, in particular excessive noise from grilles and diffusers at low humidity. The automated regulation of operating parameters reduces the fan's energy consumption.

A unique design

Thanks to its square shape patented, HAT roofs fans have a functionnal and unique design. HAT was designed following twos purposes : garantuee a good indoor air quality with an elegant design. HAT fans are designed with very high quality material to face outdoor conditions such as UV, humidity, temperature, etc.

A smart design for more quietness

Thanks to a large range, HAT roofs fans ensure good air indoor quality for various projects. Each product is intented for a specific size so HAT fans are designed specifically to every need. Thus, HAT each fans run on specific range of airflow and its EC motor is sized for it. That way we ensure a good acoustic level.

Thanks to acoustic base placed under the fan, the noise is properly guided and evacuated out of the building. Thus, HAT roofs fans are definitely very quiet from the inhabitant point of view.

Roof fan                
Standard code   HAT-100-1B-HD-EX HAT-125-1B-HD-EX HAT-160-1B-HD-EX HAT-160-1C-HD-EX HAT-200-1C-HD-EX HAT-250-1C-HD-EX HAT-250-1D-HD-EX
Airflow characteristics                
Max. airflow m3/h 250 350 580 690 800 1100 1500
Max. pressure Pa 80 80 80 100 110 160 150
Sound power level of the fan emitted to the suction line
Total value
dB(A) 250m3/h @40Pa
350m3/h @40Pa
350m3/h @40Pa
500m3/h @40Pa
600m3/h @40Pa
800m3/h @40Pa
1500m3/h @40Pa
Power supply W 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Motor type W synchronous single-phase
Max power consumption W 170
Suggested type of connection cabel W YKY or OWY 3×1,5
Required type of protection W overcurrent
Weight  kg 5 5 5 7,2 7,2 7,2 7,2
Colour   metal, top cover 5015
Material (main)   galvanized sheet steel
Dimensions A-B-H mm 330 x 330 x 185 330 x 330 x 180 330 x 330 x 175 424 x 424 x 175 424 x 424 x 175 424 x 424 x 180 424 x 424 x 180
Inlet Y mm ø 100 ø 125 ø 160 ø 160 ø 200 ø 250 ø 250
Power box   on the fan
Installation   outside installation only in horizontal surface; the fan connect trough elastic connectors or through the SAS silencer; installation on the base SBC.250
Integrated switch allows for maintenance work   contains
Cleaning   easy-to-open cover (4 screws)
Direct-drive impeller  
Max. speed  RPM 3930 3930 3930 3230 3230 3230 3230











Installation and Maintenance Instructions - FLY728


Product booklet - FLY708GB

Compatible ventilation systems: