Hybrid working: allows natural ventilation when stopped / at very low speed.

Not critical: ensures natural ventilation if the fan stops.

Low energy consumption: only 35 W at 800 m³/h @ 20 Pa.

Constant pressure: adapted to demand controlled ventilation.

Adapts to weather conditions: management system (ms version) with temperature sensor.

Renovation or new building, on natural ventilation ductwork.

Alarm output (ms version).

Low maintenance: low air speed = lower dusting.


Patented smart blades design

The unique smart propeller design of VBP+ prevents from creating pressure loss when stopped: the central blades are parallel to the airflow, the airflow being generated through static peripheral paddles. Thus, the system is not critical in case of supply failure (natural ventilation working mode). The C4 version offers a galvanised steel propeller; the R version is equipped with a plastic one.

Low maintenance, low energy consumption

Thanks to its hybrid mode, the VBP+ operates only when outdoor conditions do not generate enough pressure to exhaust stale air from the dwellings. That way, VBP+ runs less in average, which leads to a very low energy consumption. Moreover, VBP+ roof fan needs a very low level of maintenance and owns a long lifetime for a reliable ventilation system.

Hybrid fan

  VBP+ R
Code   VB21184 (ST) / VB21183 (MS)
Airflow characteristics    
Max. airflow m3/h 800
Max. pressure @ Max. airflow Pa 27 (ST) / 27 (MS)
Max. pressure @ 200 m3/h Pa 39 (ST) / 35 (MS)
Max. sound power level Lw dB(A) 59
Max. sound pressure level Lp @ 4m dB(A) 36
Motor type   EC (Electronic commutation)
Power supply   230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Max. power W 42 (ST) / 42 (MS)
IP degrees of protection   IP54
Control   by built-in potentiometer (ST) or by management system (MS)
Degree of pollution   1
Weight kg 17
Colour   metal grey / black
Material (envelope)   galvanized steel / PE
External dimensions mm 904 x ø610
Fire safety    
Guarantee of extracted nominal airflow*  
Preservation of the motor running*  
Number of available draft connections   1
Inlet mm  ø354
Installation   on roof, head of the air duct – 3 x screws ø8
Direct-drive impeller   by motor coupler
Max. speed RPM 650
Management system (MS)    
Main module   ref. VB21119
Fan module   ref. VB21118
Number of fan groups by main module   1 to 5
Number of fans per group   1 to 5
Electrical box (not included)   IP65, rail DIN
Fault indicator (or modules)  
Monitoring of power to all other fans  
Stops all fans of group if one malfunctions  
Hybrid management: natural / mechanical  
Alarm output (relay output)   5V – max. 200 mA
Temperature sensor   specific

■: standard
Remark: the indicated pressure is the static pressure
*Test conditions = 400°C ; 30 minutes



Management System MS:

VBP1119 Electronic module for MS system (MAIN module)
VBP1118 Electronic module for MS system (FAN module)
AVE1146 Numerical thermal sensor for MS system
VBP+ – MS Management System

Installation and maintenance instructions – TF5602_L


Installation and maintenance instructions – TF5774_D


Product booklet – FLY596GB_V8

Compatible ventilation systems: