CO2 sensor with digital and analog outputs

A reliable solution engineered to accurately measure indoor air quality

Most new buildings in developed countries are nearly air-tight, entailing a risk of poor indoor air quality if there is a lack of ventilation. Indoor air quality can generally be assessed by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide, known to be representative of indoor air conditions. Aereco introduces the S-CO2, an effective sensor specially designed to accurately assess indoor CO2 concentrations. The S-CO2 is useful in many places (such as schools, office buildings, and private homes) where the concentration of CO2 can vary with the occupancy and use of the rooms. Adaptable to different applications, it can be used to control ventilation, air-conditioning, and other HVAC systems. The S-CO2 is ready-calibrated for a long maintenance-free life. It is compact, and can be installed inconspicuously. The S-CO2, a reliable and accurate device that helps systems optimize indoor air quality.