The new face of BXC²

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The BXC²: more modern, more discreet, but still as efficient!


To keep in with the times and best meet user expectations, the BXC has a new design. Thinner and smoother than the current version, the new face allows the BXC² to be discreet and to blend into the background of every home.
Even with this new design, this exhaust unit still has the same features and options. Its role is to automatically modulate ventilation to the needs of the occupants in all situations, for all wet rooms (using sensors). And for your comfort and well-being, it works in silence.

Its main strengths are :

  • includes the humidity sensitive technology
  • available in several advanced special versions: presence, CO2, VOC and remote control versions
  • possibility of setting the airflow levels at installation
  • battery indicator : buzzer to indicate low battery level
  • pressure plug to help commissioning : allows pressure measurement to determine the airflow
  • silent working
Discover all the features of the BXC²