Practical uses of our 3D printer

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3D printing for better efficiency!


For a few years now, the company Aereco has acquired the HP Multi Jet 4200 printer for its easy use and its ability to maintain a clean work environment.
Initially, we acquired the 3D printer for the production of prototypes, which was beneficial because we improved our work methods in this department. We are now more efficient because we can test more ideas. Secondly, the teams who make the assembly machines have appropriated the technology. Nowadays, we can find 3D printed parts in just about all our machines. This allowed us to make production more efficent, more ergonomic, and less expensive.

3D printing for prototyping: it allows us to test more ideas by making more parts in record time and for a lower cost.

  • Optimizing the design of new products: In the design department, the 3D printer is now omnipresent.

3D printing for special machinery: At Aereco we design our own machines to assemble and adjust our products. We chose to use 3D printing to save on costs but also to gain in speed and flexibility. It has allowed us to improve ergonomics and reduce manufacturing steps.

  • Integration of 3D printed parts on workstations to make machines cheaper, faster to produce and more ergonomic.
  • Reduction of manufacturing steps by adding functions to workstations thanks to 3D printed parts.

3D printing on small series: After gaining experience manufacturing 3D parts, we decided to extend it to the production of small series ranging from 50 to 300 parts depending on the situation. The modification of a plastic mold for small orders is too expensive. We decided to manufacture them using 3D printing to reduce costs.


Thanks to 3D printing, Aereco has gained a decisive competitive edge in the market.