EHA²: a new base for better acoustic performance

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Humidity sensitive, design and… Always quieter!


At Aereco, our priority is to combine comfort in your home with optimal indoor air quality.

In fact, the EHA² air inlet already offers acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB, thanks to its acoustic foam and according to the accessories used. To obtain even better acoustic performance, we have developed a new base for it! With this new base, this air inlet is one of the quietest on the market.

This base fits perfectly to the elegant design of the EHA² which fits into most windows.

Discover right now the EHA², its new base and its various functions.

The EHA² is an acoustic air inlet, but not only. It has many strengths including the following:

Humidity sensitive system: modulates the air flow according to the local relative humidity rate.

Manual opening and closing device (optional): enables the occupant to choose between three ventilation operating modes

Easy to maintain: it doesn’t require adjustment, and requires simple yearly dusting.

Discover the EHA² air inlet