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Today, we are living in a data driven world and when it comes to building automation & IoT, the data plays a major role in ensuring the security, comfort and efficiency of energy for the wellbeing of the occupants.

Though the datas are primordial for decision making, the communication on the other hand is also as important as datas. Therefore, we need a proper communication channel with a smart protocol in order to exchange the data in a fast and reliable manner with the other systems for a better management.

Indeed, Aereco known for its passion for research, technology and innovation, introduces two new sensors C02 “S-C02/T” and Occupancy “S-PRE/DAY-NIGHT/T” with cutting edge technology for Modbus communication. When it comes to data communication for open and multi-vendor industrial control systems, Modbus is the excellent choice of end users and integrators as well.

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