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Exhaust fans


Roof fans

The VCR fans range offers several models with capacities going from 0 m3/h up to 3500 m3/h that equip residentiel and non-residential buildings.


Roof fans

The VTR fans range offers several models with capacities going from 0 m3/h up to 700 m3/h that equip residentiel buildings.


Roof fans

The HAT fans range offers several models with capacities going from 30m3/h up to 1100 m3/h that equip collective dwellings.


Whole house fan - 5-6 Rooms

The V5S fan can ventilate a complete dwelling: the 6 available side inlets can be connected to several exhaust units in the wet rooms. With its constant pressure, the fan is well suited to demand controlled exhaust units.


Acoustic whole-house exhaust fan - 6 rooms

Thanks to its slim styling and silent running, the VAM fan is ideal for installation in living spaces. With its powerful AC motor and its optimised design, the VAM can be connected to up to six exhaust units in the same dwelling.


Assistance fan for hybrid ventilation

Installed at the top of the ventilation ducts, the VBP hybrid fan enables to guarantee satisfactory airflow all year long on a former natural ventilation. By creating a complementary pressure when the additional natural draught is not sufficient as it may sometimes be the case in mid-season and summer, the VBP hybrid fan optimizes the working of natural ventilation, while keeping its dimensions (ventilation exhaust units and air ducts).


Assistance fan for hybrid ventilation

The VBP+ hybrid ventilation fan range is the ideal solution for the renovation of buildings equipped with natural or passive stack ventilation ducts, improving the performance of the ventilation through a very low electrical consumption.
V2A acoustic whole house fan 2 rooms - Products page


Acoustic whole-house fan – 2 rooms

With its silent operation and compact construction, the V2A whole-house exhaust fan can be discretely fitted into the inhabited space of the dwelling inside a cupboard, loft space or ceiling void..

V4A Premium

Acoustic whole-house fan – 4 rooms

The V4A whole-house exhaust fan has been designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four exhaust units located in the kitchen, toilet(s) and in the bathroom(s). Easily hidden in a wall cupboard or in a ceiling void, the V4A whole-house exhaust fan will provide you all the comfort and air quality you can expect from a low consumption, silent exhaust fan.

VCZ Smart

Roof fans for attic or outdoor installation

The VCZ Smart attic exhaust fans offer several models with capacities from 530 m³/h up to 3 500 m³/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other types of buildings.

VTZ Smart

Roof fans for outdoor installation

The VTZ Smart fans range offers five models with capacities going from 345 m3/h up to 6 800 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other buildings. The VTZ Smart fans are designed for an outdoor installation, in terrace or on a pitched roof. Many connecting parts are available to adapt to different encountered cases. The VTZ Smart fans are characterized by their solidity and by an excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of high-performance electronic commutation motors and to an integrated pressure control device.

An exhaust fan for each type of dwelling

Demand Controlled Ventilation is a clever way to renew indoor air while making energy savings. Indeed our fans are constant pressure controlled in order to optimize DCV efficiency. Our fans combine both power and silence to ensure comfort to occupants. Our fan units are easy to install and need nearly no maintenance. Aereco provides fan solutions for both individual dwellings and multi-storey apartments.