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Hybrid assistance fan

Hybrid ventilation, more energy efficient than ever

The VBP+ hybrid ventilation fan range is the ideal solution for the renovation of buildings equipped with natural or passive stack ventilation ducts, improving the performance of the ventilation through a very low electrical consumption. 

Its hybrid working, at very low low pressure (natural or mechanical mode) enables to automatically adapt to weather conditions to keep the pressure in the ductwork, all year long. The VBP+ is specially designed for demand controlled ventilation (humidity sensitive, presence detection or other activation modes) thanks to its pressure management.

Located on a terrace or on a slope roof, the VBP+ is easily installed on the top of chimney through adaptation parts. Its large free area (equivalent to 8 ducts of ø125 mm) allows to gather several collective or individual ducts without reducing the cross section.

Not critical in case of supply default with its patented blades design (no pressure losses when stopped), the VBP+ requires a very light maintenance in comparison with standard mechanical systems, making of it a privileged solution for social housing.

The VBP+ exists in two versions, both resist to fire smoke up to 400°C during 30 minutes. The VBP+ “R” and the VBP+ « C4 » benefit from a body and structure in galvanized steel, and EC motor.