Exhaust units


Humidity sensitive exhaust grille for natural and hybrid ventilation

Naturally effective extraction

By adjusting the airflow to the ambient relative humidity rate, the GHN humidity sensitive exhaust unit is the perfect solution for the natural ventilation of wet rooms. Directly replacing the old exhaust unit without modification of the hole, it fits perfectly into the environment of bathroom, toilets and kitchen. Its robust and reliable humidity sensitive sensor ensures optimum performance at all the times, with remarkable longevity.
True regulator of natural stack effect variations, the GHN exhaust unit acts as an automatic brake when pressures become too high as it is the case of the building first floors in winter especially, when the thermal draught is too high. On the opposite, the GHN exhaust unit located at the upper floors, benefiting from less pressure, dispose from a greater air section, automatically. This regulatory capacity is a direct consequence of the modulation of the opening section depending on humidity rate.