The EHT² : the new wall air inlet

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The wall air inlet new generation!


With a new design and new dimensions, the EHT² is more modern and more refined than its previous version. Thanks to its 3 opening possibilities, you can now place your EHT² wall air inlet wherever you want, as close as possible to your walls and with no risk to dirty them! These three openings are driven on humidity by an ingenious system of dampers and deflectors. It is particularly this faculty that sets the EHT² apart from the competition because it makes it more flexible and permissive at the installation. This new air inlet has acoustic features up to 52 dB. In addition to perfectly fit your interior space, it will also allow you to get good indoor air quality while maintaining your well-being in your home.

The EHT² keeps the characteristics of the EHT, but has new specificities that allow it to be used more efficiently:

  • A new design.
  • 3 possible air openings (compared to 2 in the current EHT).
  • A new rain canopy.
  • A standard canopy specific to the EHT² which eliminates the need to add acoustic foam. This specific canopy also has a gutter allowing it to drain water if there is any infiltration.
  • A new insect grill at the air inlet.

Discover all the features of the EHT²