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Aereco, becomes a corresponding member of the French Ventilation Association


The 3rd of March 2023, Aereco officially joined the AFV (French Ventilation Association) dedicated to the development of ventilation and air quality in residential and tertiary buildings. By associating professionals in the field of indoor air quality, it intends to act with the French and European public authorities, the major economic actors and users, both in new construction and in renovation.

The seven founding members of the association (CAPEB, FEDENE, FNAS, SNEFCCA, SYNASAV, UMGCCP-FFB, UNICLIMA) represent the entire chain of manufacturing, distribution, installation, maintenance and exploitation in the field of HVAC. Their goal is to strengthen and coordinate their actions as well as those of all their members for a better consideration of the health and well-being of building occupants, without forgetting the energy efficiency of systems with simple and affordable solutions.

For Aereco and the Aldes Group, this membership is an opportunity to:

✔️ make ventilation a major subject in the building sector in new and existing buildings (residential and non-residential),

✔️ raise our message about the importance of ventilation for better indoor air quality and improved energy efficiency in buildings,

✔️ have direct contact with the authorities and the representatives of the various professions, from specifiers to trainers and installers.

We will share with the AFV our expertise in the field of residential demand controlled ventilation and air quality control in a more global context, to contribute to French and European standardisation.


More information on the French Ventilation Association on their website