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Clean and healthy air in your home is a must-have, the DX System fits perfectly to your needs.


The DX System is a range of smart heat recovery ventilation systems that continually supply pollen-free and dust-free preheated fresh air to living areas, ensuring a comfortable feel-good climate.

Using the DynamiX® Technology – which consists of a smart airflow control management-, the DX System offers optimal indoor air quality and limits all inherent noises from the ventilation system. This technology allows the DX System to go beyond standard energy recovery, by adapting the airflows to the occupants needs in all the rooms, accurately.


Find the version which suits to your project


Whatever the configuration of your home and through two different unit types (DXR and DXA) the DX System is so flexible that there is always a solution specifically adapted to you. Indeed, you have the possibility to choose between so many parameters such as:
– the installation place: Ceiling (DXR) or Wall (DXA),
– the control level: Global detection or Room-by-room detection,
– the supply control parameter: Presence or CO2,
– the exhaust control parameter: humidity or presence or CO2 or VOC or switch or remote.
From ducts to air supply units, Aereco provides all the elements of the system to guaranty easy installation and high performance.


Enjoy your home with serenity


The DynamiX® technology, through airflow modulation, efficient motors, acoustic foams and even more with the use of dedicated active air supply distribution box (DX Hub), is specially designed so that interfering ventilation noises do not arise. Enjoy your home with fresh air and tranquility.

The system is easy to maintain. Thanks to the colored touchscreen interface, you are immediately informed when filters are clogged, which ensures you good air quality. Moreover, the demand control management reduces the speed of filters and duct clogging.


Modulates exhaust and supply airflows according to the specific needs of each room


Unlike most systems known as demand controlled that adjust airflows globally only, the DX System is able to adapt airflows room-by-room based on specific needs, while balancing supply and exhaust. On the Excellence version, the special distribution box (DX Hub) adjusts supply airflows through dampers driven by accurate sensors (CO2 or presence) located in the main rooms. On the Premium version, the DX Hub is replaced by a unique sensor (CO2 or presence) that drives the supply airflow globally. The exhaust airflows are always driven by humidity and / or presence detection, room-by-room.


Energy performance at its best


Whether in its Excellence or Premium version, the DX System optimally uses the exhaust hot air to pre-heat the fresh air thanks to a very efficient heat exchanger and thus offers a very energy-efficient solution. Moreover, the demand control management enables to reduce significantly the electrical consumption of the system.
The best energy-efficiency class A+ is achieved by the DX System from Aereco.

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