Heat recovery units

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Heat recovery units


MVHR based on room-by-room regulation

Heat recovery enhanced by room-by-room demand-controlled ventilation 


Individual treatment for houses and apartments

Get information about all the DX System versions dedicated to Heat Recovery Ventilation...


Heat recovery unit for wall installation

The DXA has been specifically designed for cupboards installation. Thanks to its well-fitted dimensions, the DXA can be installed both in kitchen and in other technical rooms.


Heat recovery unit for ceiling installation

Designed for ceiling installation within the heated space, the DXR provides a truly elegant HRV solution.

Heat recovery at its best

Mechanical heat recovery range offers a high-technology system combining indoor air quality and energy savings. Depending on the desired regulation mode, our mechanical heat recovery products guarantee an air supply based on the room-by-room demands (DX Excellence), or according to a constant pressure (DX Evolution) or also according to constant airflow setpoint (DX Reference). It fits perfectly with the needs of the occupant and improves the energy efficiency of the dwelling.