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Heat recovery units


MVHR based on constant airflow regulation

The heat recovery ventilation DX Reference system is the ideal solution for optimum air quality throughout the year while minimizing the energy consumed. This system supply healthy and preheated outdoor air into living areas.


MVHR based on constant pressure regulation

Through the DX Evolution, a completely new range of heat recovery ventilation system has been designed by Aereco to offer you the maximal flexibility in your choice for the adequate ventilation solution. The DX Evolution product range is intended for a residential application and can be either installed in false ceiling, thanks to a small thickness, or in kitchen cupboard, due to optimized dimensions.


MVHR based on room-by-room regulation

Heat recovery enhanced by room-by-room demand-controlled ventilation 

Heat recovery at its best

Mechanical heat recovery range offers a high-technology system combining indoor air quality and energy savings. Depending on the desired regulation mode, our mechanical heat recovery products guarantee an air supply based on the room-by-room demands (DX Excellence), or according to a constant pressure (DX Evolution) or also according to constant airflow setpoint (DX Reference). It fits perfectly with the needs of the occupant and improves the energy efficiency of the dwelling.