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AWN, the easy heat recovery solution through single ductwork, on exhaust ventilation

When heat recovery ventilation is usually associated with balanced systems (MVHR) which require double ductwork for supply and exhaust air, the new AWN range of exhaust fans offers a simpler and very energy-efficient alternative.

As active part of the centralised exhaust ventilation system, the AWN recovers the energy from the hot exhaust air through included heat exchanger. This last can be connected to a heat pump for water heating or air heating in its Basic or Connect version. It also exists with a integrated heat pump : Eco+.
Associated with the Aereco demand controlled ventilation system which adapts automatically the airflows according to the needs in the dwelling, the AWN fans enhance again the energy performance to drastically reduce the heat load needed for the air renewal.

The AWN range is compatible, with indoor or outdoor installations, in several airflow capacities and two types of calorigenic fluids.

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