Compact construction design: the set contains the fan, the heat exchanger and the heat pump

Optimum design layout: The heat from the fan’s motor is used

Optimum support for heating drinking water: The heat pump can supply a constant hot water temperature (up to 60 ° C), regardless of the flow / storage temperature

Maximum energy efficiency: little loss through the heat exchanger, since the extracted air releases heat through a direct evaporator

The heat pump adapts individually to the variation of the amount of heat extracted. A clocking of the heat pump is thereby avoided.

Direct connection of the installation to the heating water-grid


Special evaporation

The compact design of the AWN Eco + allows efficient energy saving. The heat exchanger is designed as a direct vaporization and placed circularly around the exhaust fan. The extracted heat goes directly to the refrigerant and thus avoids additional transmission losses. The vaporizer is protected from dirtiness by an air filter. Thereby a replacement twice a year is necessary, but a more expensive cleaning of the heat exchanger is spared. Pressure drop monitoring warns building management system.

Smart adjustment and oriented towards the source of the heat pump – control of the resources

The heat pump's source-oriented setting – ReSource Control – regulates the performance of the heat pump to the available extract airflow. So it is possible to achieve almost continuous operation which gives a high efficiency and operating time.

Recovery of heat losses from components

Due to the arrangement of the components the residual heat of the heat pump's supply pump, fan and compressor can be gained again by recovering the heat from the exhaust air. Thanks to that design the total efficiency is further increased.

High efficiency of hot water supply pump

AWN Eco + has very efficient pump, with capacity, for the hot water intake is already integrated. In order to guarantee a constant temperature difference between the intake and the flow of the heat pump and to obtain it optimally, the feeding pump is always activated by an integrated measuring technology. For this purpose the evacuation is provided by the heat pump at a usable temperature level. With the Aereco ventilation system with heat recovery the building energy requirement can be further reduced.

    AWN Eco+ 111 AWN Eco+ 121 AWN Eco+ 131
Installation   Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Recommanded setting pressure Pa 130 130 130
Max. airflow (75%) at 130Pa m³/h 1.650 2.400 3.375
Modulation range heat output (A20W35) kW 2,5 – 8,4 3,2 – 10,4 6,6 – 22,2
Modulation range – exhaust air m³/h 480 – 1.800 630 – 2.500 1.250 – 4.500
Minimum exhaust airflow required m³/h 480 630 1.250
Max heating flow temperature °C 55 55 55
Sound pressure level at 3m distance (75%) – Lp, A dB(A) 54 50 49
Sound power level from the suction side device (75%) – Lw, A dB(A) 66 62 67
Connection to the main station        
Exhaust air – pipe connection (DN) mm 355 400 560
Exhaust air – connection options   1 x horizontal 1 x horizontal 1 x horizontal
Elastic connector for pipe   Included Included Included
Heat sink medium – Pipe connection   1 ” IG 1 ” IG 1 1/4 ” IG
Heat sink medium – Max. Airflow m³/h 1.382 1.780 3.155
Heat sink medium – Permitted antifreeze   Ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol
Heat sink medium – Available external delivery pressure kPa 48 53 52
Condensate – Pipe connection   Metal pipe (16mm) Metal pipe (16mm) Metal pipe (16mm)
Energetic data        
Max recoverable exhaust heat – Heating period MWh 27 34 59
Nominal heat output / COP (A20W35)   5,6 / 6,0 8,7 / 6,0 13,4 / 5,7
Nominal heat output / COP (A20W28)   5,6 / 8,2 8,7 / 8,2 13,7 / 8,0
COP (A20W40)   4,9 4,9 4,7
Refrigerant   R410A R410A R410A
Refrigerant charge  Kg 1,9 1,9 2,6
Ventilation and acoustic features        
Max Airflow (100%) at 130Pa m³/h 2.200 3.200 4.500
Soud pressure level – 3 meters distance at 100/50% db(A) 61/46 57/44 55/44
Sound power level on suction side at 100/50% dB(A) 67/59 68/54 74/57
Integrated pressure control        
Digital pressure display   Included Included Included
Max. increase of pressure Pa 300 300 300
Electrical data        
Fan – Drive technology   EC-Motor EC-Motor EC-Motor
Compressor – Drive technology   Source-oriented drive technology with controlled performance Source-oriented drive technology with controlled performance Source-oriented drive technology with controlled performance
Repair switch   Included  –  –
Supply voltage V / Hz 230 / 50 230 / 50 400 / 50
Max current consumption A 12,3 14,2 14
Power consumption fan device (75%) at 130 Pa W 224 313 440
SFP fan (75%) at 130Pa W/m³/h 0,136 0,130 0,130
Max. fan power consumption W 450 500 690
Max power consumption (complete device) kW 2,42 2,9 6,9
Index fan protection IP 54 54 54
Fan’s motor protection   Included Included Included
Contact for external enable signal   Included Included Included
Fault signal   Contact for group message, digital display on the device Contact for group message, digital display on the device Contact for group message, digital display on the device
Max acceptable exhaust air temperature °C 40 40 40
Housing properties        
Weight (unfilled unit) kg 325 335 430
Material   Steel (galvanised) Steel (galvanised) Steel (galvanised)
Other components        
Filter protection class (including filter monitoring)   G4 G4 G4
Integrate condensate tray with siphon   Included Included Included
Smoke detector and bypass for free outflow in case of fire   Included Included Included
Speed-controlled heat sink medium feed pump   Included Included Included

All data for exhaust air of 20° C and 50% rel. humidity. Data according to EN 14511 :2013




1 Fan
2 Vaporizer
3 Differential pressure switch, filter monitoring
4 Main switch
5 Smoke detector
6 Compressor housing
 7  Supporting
8 Plate-type heat exchanger
9 Air filters
10 Bypass
11 Controller
Exhaust air heat pump – return 1″IG
Exhaust air heat pump – supply 1″IG
Condensate drain ¾”AG
AWN – HMI Manual

Control Console – Operating Instructions – TF7037GB_A

AWN Eco+ – Technical Manual

Technical Manual – Installation and Maintenance Instructions – TF7039GB_A

AWN Eco+ – Booklet

Product booklet - FLY698_v2

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