An automatic sandblaster for the 3D printing workshop

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3D printer: the new sandblaster is here!


Discover in video an extract of the AM Solutions S1 automatic sandblaster in action in the Aereco 3D printing workshop: 

Parts made by the 3D printer are covered by powder that needs to be removed before use.
Since 2017, we had a small manual sandblaster requiring at least 2h30 per printing batch to clean them.

To be more efficient, the 3D printing workshop was equipped in January 2023 with a brand-new automatic sandblaster (AM Solutions S1). This new device will allow to:

– Save time by sanding most of the parts automatically, without waiting for the end of the complete unpacking.

– Improve the visual quality of the parts with a more uniform sanding (no dark marks on the parts).

– Thanks to the air which is ionized in the sandblaster, avoiding the powder covers again the parts due to static electricity.

In conclusion, we will offer better and faster parts, especially for small and medium series.

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