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Exhaust units


Flush-mounted demand controlled exhaust unit for MEV

A flush-mounted multifunctional exhaust unit to optimise indoor air quality and energy efficiency in MEV applications


Exhaust unit with presence detection for MEV

The TDA exhaust units directly adjust the extracted airflow to the level of human presence detected in the room. The airflow level in “presence” mode can be adjusted at every moment according to the usual number of occupants in the room (1 to 4 persons per vent).


Humidity sensitive exhaust unit for natural and hybrid ventilation

By adjusting the airflow to the ambient relative humidity rate, the GHN humidity sensitive exhaust unit is the perfect solution for the natural ventilation of wet rooms. Directly replacing the old exhaust unit without modification of the hole, it fits perfectly into the environment of bathroom, toilets and kitchen. Its robust and reliable humidity sensitive sensor ensures optimum performance at all the times, with remarkable longevity.


Multi-controlled exhaust unit for natural and hybrid ventilation

G2H inaugurates the first exhaust unit accurately optimised for natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation, for the new built as in refurbishment.


Demand controlled exhaust unit for MEV

The BXC² exhaust unit incorporates all the functions one could request from an air exhaust unit. With various activation modes such as humidity, presence, CO2 and VOC for example, the BXC² exhaust unit automaticaly adjusts the level of ventilation according to occupants’ needs in all situations, all rooms.


Humidity sensitive exhaust unit for natural and hybrid ventilation

Specially adapted to work at low pressure, the GBP humidity sensitive exhaust unit is an ideal solution for the renovation of ventilation ductworks initially operating in natural ventilation. The GBP exhaust unit is available in several versions activated by a humidity sensitive sensor or by a pull cord, for implementation on shunt or individual air ducts.

Exhaust grilles and exhaust units to fight pollution sources

Whether you use a hybrid, natural or mechanical ventilation system, Aereco exhaust grilles and exhaust units are terminals connected to ventilation and / or smoke ducts, which allow the evacuation of the stale air. They are placed in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
Aereco offers two types of ventilation grilles and units: humidity-controlled and fixed.