Exhaust fans with heat recovery


Exhaust air heat recovery with demand-controlled ventilation

In this version (formerly called AWN-RV and AWN-DV), AWN can be associated with third-party heat pumps via a brine buffer. The AWN Basic is a combination of an air exhaust module and a heat exchanger to ensure heat recovery.

The AWN Basic can be used, for example, if the heat pump technology is already installed in a building. To do this, it must have a big enough heat sink, for example via a laminated storage tank, so that the AWN Basic can be fed with a cold enough fluid (0 ° C maximum) and that large amounts of heat can thus be extracted from stale air.

Because heat vapors are not specifically designed to reuse waste heat, sufficient brine buffer (stratified storage tank) is required to ensure more homogeneous heat transfer.

To allow consistent operation and continuous transfer of available heat from stale air, a combination with Aereco’s Connect WP (without brine buffer) must be used (see product : AWN Connect).