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Feedback on installation, maintenance, and aging of mechanical humidity-controlled exhaust units

How do humidity sensitive products perform over long periods of time ?

With 35 years of existence and more than 10 million equipped dwellings, mechanical humidity-based demand-controlled ventilation (HR-DCV) can provide a comprehensive feedback on installation, aging, and maintenance of its components. Their working principle is based on the extensions and retractions of a hygroscopic fabric, which pulls on a shutter to modify the device’s cross-section – hence the airflow – upon humidity changes in their environment.

In 2006, before generalizing the usage of HR-DVC in French residential buildings, the Ministry for Housing ordered an evaluation of these systems after prolonged on-site operation. For this purpose, the COSTIC laboratory selected 21 social housings in the Parisian suburb, and collected with Aereco 57 extraction units after 6 years of in-situ functioning.

Discover in the webinar all the on-site observations and conclusion, here and on our youtube channel.