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Aereco responds to the medical world request for help, organize by 3Dnatives!


Starting this weekend, we used our 3D printer to manufacture 70 visor holders which will be distributed voluntarily to hospitals. 280 are planned by the end of the week, and between 560 and 1000 for the next week: a production that we intend to continue!

Jointly with other recognized partners such as HP, Décathlon and L’Oréal, we will manufacture the visors necessary to meet the medical needs (centralized here) during this sanitary crisis.

By this concrete action, we are proud to help the medical staff, and to participate on our scale in the fight against COVID-19!

For more information about this initiative, you can consult the press release below (in french):
Press release – The visors of hope

Want to participate in the fight against COVID19? You can make a donation to the visors of hope to allow us to equip as many nursing staff as possible:

Make a donation


Photo credit: HP