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Aereco becomes a corresponding member of the Eurovent association


The 10th of May 2022, Aereco officially joined the European ventilation products association Eurovent.

Globally known, this association represents more than 1 000 organisations across Europe and Middle East. The organisation’s activities are based on highly valued democratic decision-making principles, ensuring a level playing field for the entire industry. Over the years, the Brussels-based organisation has become a well-respected and known stakeholder that builds bridges between the manufacturers it represents and associations, legislators, and standardisation bodies on a national, regional and international level.

To achieve this goal, they can count on the voices and expertise of the specialists (among others), of which Aereco is a part. We will bring to Eurovent our expertise in the field of ventilation and more particularly our vision of modulated ventilation.

Mr Quentin Liebens, Aereco’s R&D Project Manager and Public Affairs Manager remarked: “Certain buildings (residential or non-residential) require different ventilation systems, and it is essential to come up with the appropriate technical solution for each building in order to have the best balance between a good indoor air quality and effective building performance. We are certain that by joining Eurovent, we will work together in showing the importance of efficient ventilation systems in our buildings for good indoor air quality and effective building performances. We look forward to working well with Eurovent.”


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