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Smart Building Design, Smart Ventilation

BIM users now have the opportunity to integrate Aereco products into their projects. Whether you are working on national or international projects, all BIM content from Aereco is available in 6 different languages.
Available on the BIMobject© platform and in the most used formats of the HVAC domain, the 30 Aereco families of objects are perfectly adapted to all needs and usage patterns.
BIM ventilation, also allows to explore the universe of all the Aereco product ranges put in situation.

Products developed for architects…

Aereco products have been modelled in such a way that they do not overburden the project’s overall plans.
Available in several Levels Of Detail (LOD), products can either be visualized as sketches or presented at a level of detail sufficient to allow graphic rendering of apartments or houses.
To ensure a smooth use of the workspace, all products compatible with BIM projects have been designed with the aim of limiting the size of the final file.

…And also for installers and maintenance teams

In order to prevent possible inconsistencies or difficulties on site during the installation of Aereco products, maintenance areas have been integrated into all the products that required them. Thus, as soon as the building is designed, the HVAC design office can already take into account the place necessary for a good use of the product throughout its lifetime, which also facilitates the drafting of the FSWI (File of Subsequent Works on Installations).

Discover all the products compatible with BIM.