Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems

Aereco, a solution for every ventilation technique

Choosing the appropriate ventilation technique is essential to attaining the performance objectives set for a project, whether in a renovation or in a new building.

The right technique depends on the targets (lower heating costs, better air quality, reduced running costs, simplicity of maintenance, etc.) but depends more specifically on the environment. This is particularly true of renovations, since the technique must be adapted to the existing architecture.

Discover here a selection of the commonest techniques that can be implemented with Aereco ventilation systems:

To help you choose

To help you choose, the table below provides a comparison of the systems’ performance based on their characteristics:



System Natural ventilation Hybrid ventilation Mechanical exhaust ventilation Heat recovery ventilation
Indoor air quality
Ventilation flow control ++ +++ ++++ +++++
Boost airflow ++ ++++ ++++
Energy performance
Savings on heat losses ++ +++ ++++ +++++
Low consumption of the exhaust fan ++++ +++ ++ – –
Quiet Working ++++ ++++ ++
Insulation from outdoor noise + + +++ +++++
Low cost ++++ ++ +
Easy maintenance ++++ +++ ++
Low criticality in case of exhaust fan failure ++++ ++++
Aesthetic integration
Discretion and compactness of terminals ++ ++
Low cost +++++ ++ ++++
Individual houses + ++++ ++++
Collective dwellings ++++ ++++ ++++ +++
Main benefits
  • No exhaust fan consumption
  • Low, or no maintenance
  • No proper noise at the terminals level
  • Low cost ventilation solution
  • No risk of failure (no electrical product)
  • Low consumption of the exhaust fan
  • Controlled airflow throughout the year
  • Low maintenance
  • No proper noise at the terminals level
  • Low criticality in case of exhaust fan failure
  • Airflows controlled and guaranteed all year long
  • Possibility of having a boost airflow (kitchen)
  • Good attenuation of noise transmitted into the air ducts
  • Compact ventilation terminals
  • Airflows controlled and guaranteed all year long
  • Additional energy savings through the heat exchanger
  • Supply airflow very precisely managed
  • Possibility of having boost airflow
  • Good acoustic insulation between the dwellings through the ducts and from the outdoor
  • Possibility of filtration
  • Compact ventilation terminals