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Impact of the indoor air quality in our day to day life!


In today’s world we are all living in a closed space where a good ventilation is needed. Studies says that a poor indoor air quality affects not only our physical health but also the mental health. In fact, a good air quality improves the performance of the employees by 8 to 10% and productivity by 34%.

Furthermore, we all know that in recent times the pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus has changed a lot our way of life and devastated the lives of many people all around the world.

Moreover, there is a huge risk of transmission of the viruses and bacterias in a closed space. People are not very much aware about these issues, and this can cause many health related problems on a long term basis. So, how can we prevent this?

The simple and cost effective way to prevent the spread is to keep our space well ventilated. Researcher says that the CO2 concentration level is the right indicator to know whether the area is ventilated or not. The more the CO2 concentration level is high the more there is a risk of transmission.



Monitor your indoor air quality on real time and act accordingly!

Aereco a pioneer in the field of ventilation and air quality; for more than a decade, we have been mastering the IAQ sensors and their usage. We at Aereco are continuously searching solutions for all problematics related to the indoor air quality. We are also very concerned about this current situation of pandemic and beyond.

Indeed, we are very proud to introduce the new AirQ² monitor which has many useful features especially the traffic lights and display of the IAQ values with smartphone app wherever you are you will be alerted on real time!

How the AirQ² works?

AirQ² measures eight different parameters such as CO2, COV, PM2.5, PM1, PM10, T/HR and pressure. It has two displays, LED display which shows the IAQ values and a traffic light which indicates your indoor air quality, when a set threshold exceeds, the RGB lights will change the colour into Green, yellow or red. Indeed, you can set your own threshold level with your AirQ² app. Moreover, you can access your data in real time through the app and dashboard. Furthermore, you have also the possibility to store your data locally with SD card and lot more…


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