Air inlets


Flat design for perfect integration

With its flat design and its special airtightness sleeve, the EAH² air inlet is perfectly fitted to equip rolling shutter casings.


Humidity sensitive air inlet

The slim and robust design of the EMM humidity sensitive air inlet, available in two airflow models and three different colours...


Acoustic humidity sensitive air inlet

The new stylish design of the EHA² air inlet enables perfect integration on most windows or rolling shutter casings...


Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

Installed on the wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is an ideal alternative for the air admission ...


Airflow controller canopy

Not only does the AC external canopy protect the interior of the window from water infiltration and volatile insects, it also controls...

Window canopies

External air inlet canopies are intended to protect the elements of the frame (windows, walls, casings) from...


Window telescopic sleeve

By ensuring the continuity of the airflow from the outside canopy to the air inlet, the E-TFR protects the interior of the window and avo...