Heat recovery ventilation


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Heat recovery enhanced by demand controlled ventilation


The DX System is a range of smart heat recovery ventilation system that supply pollen-free and dust-free fresh air to living areas, ensuring a comfortable feel-good climate. In addition to the air quality and comfort it also ensures a substantial energy saving thanks to heat recovery and accurate and automatic airflow adaptation to the occupants needs in all rooms.

In terms of control algorithms, the DX System is composed of 4 versions starting by the most performant – “Excellence”, ensuring individual room-by-room air supply and exhaust control, down to simpler versions such as “Premium”, “Evolution” and “Reference”. It makes the range scalable and adaptable precisely to the needs of each user.

The Excellence is the best MVHR solution in terms of indoor air quality and energy savings. In this version, the DX System using the DynamiX® Technology, adapts airflows room-by-room based on specific needs, while balancing supply and exhaust. An active distribution box, DX Hub, connected to CO2 or presence sensors located in all the main rooms, adjusts supply airflows through driven dampers. The exhaust airflows are controlled by humidity sensors or presence detectors or other activators included in the exhaust units.
The DynamiX® Technology ensures a total quietness of the system and optimal indoor air quality, providing a maximum comfort at home.

The Premium version keeps the very precise room by room control of the exhaust air, while the supply airflows are controlled globally through at least one CO2 or presence sensor located in a main room (no active DX Hub is used). Exhaust and supply airflows are permanently balanced. Exhaust airflows are controlled by humidity sensors or presence detectors built in the exhaust units.