Heat recovery ventilation


Active air supply distribution box for DX System “Excellence”

Supply 100% of comfort in dwellings

If the exhaust units are the same as those used in Aereco’s mechanical exhaust ventilation system, the airflow supply in the DX System « Excellence » is controlled by a specific device: the DX Hub distribution box. Using up to 5 or 6 demand controlled dampers connected to supply units, it allocates the airflow in each room according to the data received by CO2 or presence sensors located in bedrooms and in the living room. An additional valve* is integrated to ensure the balance between total exhaust and supply air.

Two products complete the DX Hub range, both are compatible to DXR and DXA. The DX Hub 5, with its outlets of D100 mm, fits perfectly for galvanized ductwork, while the DX Hub 6, with its outlets of D75 mm, is more dedicated to installation with semi-flexible ducts.

*specific to DX Hub 5