Air inlets

Installed on the window frame or through the wall, Aereco air inlets optimize the distribution of fresh air in the main rooms.

Exhaust units

Humidity sensitive, with presence or even carbon dioxide detection, Aereco exhaust units control the airflow according to the needs from the technical rooms.

Exhaust fans

With specific aeraulic characteritics and energy efficient motors, Aereco fans are optimised for demand controlled ventilation.

Heat recovery units

With a smart management of airflows both at the supply and the exhaust Aereco heat recovery ventilation units offer a great potential of energy savings while improving indoor air quality.

Tertiary systems

Demand controlled ventilation systems for tertiary premises ( schools, offices, meeting rooms, etc.)


Optimize air quality and energy of your HVAC installations thanks to the Aereco sensors for accurate and reliable measurements of indoor air quality.


Connecting spigot, closing devices, etc.